Friday, December 30, 2011

Preparation Exercise 2

K! So from now on I am going to shorten the "Preparation Exercise" to "PrepEx"...because I am lazy. Between now and Midnight tomorrow  I need to get the rest of these completed and posted so I can start the program on the 1st of the year. So please forgive the deluge of posts. Here's PrepEx 2:

Momentum and Commitment

  1. Why do you want to write? I enjoy writing, it helps me to escape the real world a little bit. I also want to write to make money doing something I love. 
  2. Why do you have to write? If I don’t all the ideas get back logged in my head and I begin to be very distracted in day to day activities. Almost as though my hard drive fills up and until I copy and paste the info from my brain to the paper, I don’t have room for anything else. 
  3.  How will your life be different after you finish this manuscript? What will change? I don’t really know, I would like to think I can actually begin to learn the process of getting traditionally published. Additionally, I will have solid writing examples to show people who ask what I write. I will definitely feel as though I have the “right” to call myself a writer. 
  4. How will your life be different after you finish three manuscripts? (Will you feel like a “real” writer?) After I finish three manuscripts I will hopefully have an agent and opportunities for developing a “real” writing career. After the first one I will feel like a real writer, but after the third one, I will feel accomplished.
  5. How will you feel about yourself after you finish this manuscript? (Will you have more confidence?) I will definitely have more confidence. As it is, I have begun at least three novels and never got past a hundred pages or so. Finishing this will give me the confidence to finish works in progress and future projects. I will know I can do it! 
  6. How will this feeling help you accomplish other things in life? It will prove to me I can conquer tasks that seem unmanageable and give me the confidence to push forward. I think the time management and dedication involved will teach me that I can make a schedule and stick to it in order to accomplish goals!

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