Friday, December 30, 2011

Preparation for BIAM

As I said in my introduction, I created this blog to chart my journey through the book, "Book in a Month" by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, PhD. The purpose of it is to help you to write a draft of a novel in thirty days! Crazy right? Naaaaah. Anyhow, prior to starting the actual...program if you will...there is a lot of self examination one can benefit from in the exercises. I really discovered a lot about myself and have a much better vision of where I want to be as a professional writer and how I am going to get there. I would advise anyone who benefits from these exercises to get the book. The fine Doctor's writing is down to earth, straight forward, and promotes self-examination. This is the first exercise I did, feel free to use the exercises, but if you post them please give her credit because I copied them word for word.

Homespun Book In a Month Worksheets (page 20)

1      How will you feel if you are on your deathbed and never even gave writing a real shot? Will you feel as if you got all from life that you wanted to get? Will you feel like you missed out on something meaningful?

I would feel as though I had stories left untold. Either auto-biographical, fictional, or “based-on a true story”; I believe I have stories to tell that people will enjoy reading; or perhaps even learn something they didn’t know. I already feel as though I have obtained everything I want from life and I busted my butt to get it. Of course, there will always be something better than what I have. You know, the grass is always greener. However, I have chosen to water my grass versus crossing to the other side. Yes, if I did not write, I would feel as though I had missed out on something meaningful.

2.      What events in your life do you remember fondly? (Being in the school play? Helping a classmate? Getting good grades? Being selected for an honor? Making people better? Going to college? Raising great kids? Rescuing an animal? Getting into some program or course?) Why do these events stand out in your memory? Recalling areas of success in your life and focusing on them can keep you moving forward now.

This is weird for me, because I think I value things most people don’t and I don’t value things a lot of people do. For example, when I first read the question, the event that stood out in my mind the most was stirring the batter for French toast for my mom when I was about 4 years old. Not a big deal if you’re 10 or 12, but I am a 41 year old woman and when I read remember fondly, that is the first thing that pops to my head; weird huh? I am very proud of myself for getting my Master’s degree, but I don’t remember it fondly, it was hard and I would not put myself through that a second time. I fondly remember the births of my nieces and nephews; it was amazing and beautiful, and intense. I remember bringing each of my four sons home from the hospital. I loved to rock them to sleep and them snuggling their heads into the nook between my shoulder and my ear and feeling their warm baby breath on my ear; and that deep breath they all would take as the faded off to sleep. Finally, I think fondly of the amazing sights, sounds, smells and experiences I have had in the Rocky Mountains. These events stand out because they are things nobody can take away from me; they are mine and mine alone. Even the events that involved others are perceived differently and may or may not be a fond memory for them, but that doesn’t change the place they hold in my heart, mind and soul.

3.      What goals have you already achieved in life? List everything- even if the accomplishments aren’t writing related. We’re boosting your self-esteem here, so everything counts. After all, there’s just no time for doubts during this 30 day time period. If you were successful before, you can be successful again.

Wow! I am not young this could take a while…

·         I obtained my Associates, Bachelor, and Master degrees
·         I am a good person, and a survivor. I have been victimized throughout my life by others but I refused to stay a victim…I am a survivor.
·         I know what it means to be a good friend, and I practice those behaviors.
·         I have wrote poetry that has made people laugh and cry
·         I have an uncanny knowledge of music, music history, and bands from every genre of music.
·         I have helped people to be successful.
·         I have helped people to be survivors vs. victims
·         I have gotten married and become a mother, but not only that I am a good wife and mother.
·         I have raised my children to be polite, socially conscious, and empathetic to the plights of others.

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