Saturday, December 31, 2011

PrepEx 8 - Hmmm...Running out of Cute Names

Ok! So I don't want to cut into the sales of the VBIAM so I am not going to post the whole story here. However, in her book, Dr. Schmidt posts an exercise from the founder of, Beth Mendy Condy. This exercise has both a reading and a fill in the blank again I am not going to post the whole story part, just the last two paragraphs and the part where I filled in the blanks. That way, you'll understand the exercise I think. If you want to read the whole story I would highly advise getting  the book, it's awesome!

I Call This One, “The Dreaming PrepEx” (pg 49)

            But with this bit of knowledge comes another – you know now, in a way you’ve never grasped before, the importance of leaving some part of yourself to the world.  You know that you were put on this earth for a reason, and while you may not know the answer in full yet, you know that in part, your purpose was in some way fulfilled by the writing of your book. You remember it with pride – how writing it demanded your best, making you draw on strengths you never knew you had.
            You remember too that while your book may not have changed the world, it touched lives. Certainly, it touched yours. It was, as you now know, your way of leaving your mark on the world, your way of saying, “I was here, I mattered.”

The title of that first book was: Maiden, Mother, and Crone: The Life Path of a Survivor
And it was about: One woman’s story of success and survival while walking the paths of life. Her experiences drove a passion within her to change the way the foster care and child protective services worked in Colorado.

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