Saturday, December 31, 2011

PrepEx 4 and 5 - Resistance

Resistance Part 1 (pgs. 38-39)

1.      Why don’t I want to finish this manuscript?
Because once I finish it I have to present it to people and I am afraid they won’t like it, or will find it amateurish.
2.      What will happen to me if I finish it?
I have no idea really. Nothing will really happen to me per se, but I think it will change me in some way. I will have to put myself out there for people to judge and possibly reject me.
3.      Why should I let myself write this manuscript?
I should write this manuscript because it’s a great story. Everybody who has read it to this point has expressed a desire to continue reading her story.

Resistance Part 2 (pg39)
Complete the following Sentences:
1.      I’d love to start this 30 day plan, but… I am worried my new job will start right when I am getting to the meat of the project.
2.      If I became a great author…
Shaun and the boys would be proud of me and have something to brag to their friends and colleagues about.
3.      I can’t finish an entire manuscript in 30 days because…it’s a lot of hard work and dedication.
4.      I can’t finish an entire manuscript in 30 days because…I have a hard time finishing anything that hasn’t required a financial obligation.
5.      If I did finish this manuscript, I would feel…
proud and accomplished.

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