Saturday, December 31, 2011

PrepEx 7 - Values and Beliefs

Values, Characteristics, and Beliefs (pgs. 46-47)

1.      What are you passionate about?

Most of my passions revolve around families. I think every child should have a family they belong to. I think everything should be done to keep a family intact. I also know that the policies in most human service departments regarding child and families are horribly broken and need to be rebuilt from the ground up. It has become very political and is not in the best interest of the family as it claims to be. It is a cover our asses and pay our people the least we can, while underfunding every program available business. An underpaid and overworked population of people who love what they do regardless of the red tape.

2.      What gives you energy and motivates you?

Fixing things and helping others to fix things in their lives in order to be successful. It makes me feel as though I have a purpose. I also love a good righteous fight, whether the rules get broke or not don’t matter near as much as people treating each other the way they ought to. 

3.      What keeps showing up again and again in your stories or the stories you love to read?

Just going to make a list because this could take a while:
·        Adoption
·        Children needing guidance
·        Parents needing guidance, or learning to parent well.
·        Fighting “the System” in a very passive aggressive way.
·        Romance and long term relationships
·        Family
·        Development
·        Trauma recovery
·        Humor
·        Emotion
·        Police/Detective work
·        True Crime
·        The super-natural (i.e. ghosts, spirits, communicating with the dead)

Values, Characteristics, and Beliefs Pt.2 (pgs. 47-48)

1.      What is important to you creatively? Do you want to educate? Entertain? Scare?

I think most of all I want to entertain. I love getting lost in a world that only exists on paper wrapped up in a warm blanket in my favorite seat in the house at the time. I want to provide that for my reader. At the same time I want to educate people about how broken the system truly is. 

2.      Do you have a personal cause or agenda that defines you? (Feminism? Animal Rescue? Global Warming?)

Family Law and legislation re: Children and Families

3.      What types of books do you enjoy? Movies? Music?

I love books that come in a long series, I hate when a series ends; I always have questions about things that happened. I love books that make me laugh out loud, as well as ones that make me shake my head and shed a tear. I like reading about people I can relate to, or could have related to at some point in my life. Movies…I like movies that make me think or rethink a topic. I love comedy/action and romantic comedy. I like drama and supernatural drama movies, movies based on true stories and stories about serial killers. A wide range really. Same with music, my writing play lists contains Country, punk, popular rock, 80’s hair band rock, and 80’s pop, punk cover bands. My musical interests run the gamut.
4.      What types of stories did you like as a child? 

When I was really young I liked Babaar and Curious George, a few years down the road, as a tween and young teenager, it became Judy Blume, then I jumped to VC Andrews and Jackie Collins when I was in my later teens.

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