Saturday, December 31, 2011

Really I didn't just forget to do PrepEx3

No...I did not forget Exercise 3...somehow I deleted it. My loving husband says its because I didn't save prior to closing the window. (Insert grrr face here.) I had saved it I know, I saw it on the blog page, and doesn't this auto-save? Well, anyhow here is PrepEx 3...

1.      Write down a list of your main priorities so you will know where to draw the line when requests are made for your time.

·         Keeping my kids on the right track (i.e. attending school functions and meetings)
·         Feeding my children well balanced meals
·         Keeping my house and laundry clean
·         Keeping my marriage strong and intact
·         Exercising
·         Getting a job
·         Nurturing old and new friendships that are beneficial to my life.

2.      Now that you know the priorities in your life, write down a list of things that take up your time and are not on your priority list.

·         She who's name shall no be mentioned's b.s and everything that it involves.
·         Fighting with my kids about things I can’t make them change
·         Facebook
·         Television, just for the sake of not writing
·         Surfing the web for things not related to writing
·         RIFT!


  1. Nope. Doesn't autosave. You were in preview. After preview, you need to hit publish.

    Ah. The joy of Facebook. I don't do Facebook, but I can get sucked into Twitter. I especially enjoy LitChat on Twitter as well as the Sunday writing Twitterchats.

  2. Well that is very good to know for future reference. I don't really "get" Twitter thing...maybe I am just old.