Saturday, December 31, 2011

PrepEx 5 and 6 -Rewards and Benchmarks

Reaping the Rewards of Success (pg. 42)

List some of the benefits of reaching your goal to write a draft in 30 days aka “When I finish this manuscript in 30 days…”
  • ·         I will have the beginning of something to show to and agent and/or publisher.
  • ·         I will be able to say I completed the book.
  • ·         I will feel accomplished

What’s your Sign? (pg. 43)

Select benchmarks that will show you, your subconscious and your friends and family that you have made great progress aka “My writing benchmarks are…”
  • ·         Hitting 150 pages. It will mean I am halfway through it.
  • ·         Writing 15 consecutive days in a row, again…halfway there.
  • ·          Maintaining a writing schedule for 21 days, at this point it has become a habit.

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