Thursday, January 5, 2012

Couldn't get ahead with an ass kickin' machine

I won't give up though...anyone got a patent for that ass kickin' machine. In the past if I got this far behind, I would just throw my hands in the air and say fuck it. But, this time I made a contract with myself and my muse and I intend to honor my commitment. I am frustrated, yes, but as the contract says, I will celebrate after the thirty days even if I only complete 75% of my goal! I definitely realize the importance of planning now, I did none prior to starting this book, I just jumped in feet first. But, enough with the wah baby sissy la la crying, here is my progress for today..or lack thereof. Today was totally a one step forward two steps back. I started out trying to do Day three's exercise but when I looked at my 10 Scenes, I was very disappointed, they provided no guidance. Plus, I realized the daily writing exercises are in addition to the exercises in the book and trying to get my word count in. So now I sit here at almost 2 in the morning, mainlining coffee and Muddy Buddy Chex mix, just now finishing Scene 10. I am not going to bed until I have at least caught up with day three. Then I will still only be one day behind. I count my blessings, because since I am working on a work in progress, I have a little room for play on my word count. I'll probably go back to sleep in the morning after I get the kids off to school, but hope to update you tomorrow evening with the words "All Caught Up!" Wish me luck!!!

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