Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7 an Inner Editor's Alarm Clock

Seriously?!?!? The biggest obstacle that has plagued my WIP is my inability to keep my inner editor locked tightly in her closet. So along come day 6 and 7 and she says look but don't touch. Re-Read what I have wrote? Make note's but don't re-write? How the hell do I do that **Begins to pull small locks of hair from her head** This is my biggest challenge yet! Maybe if I print it out, I will be able to just read it to her through the door and she won't come flying through it kicking and screaming the whole way. Maybe then, I can just take notes and not re-write...omg...SERIOUSLY!?!?!?


  1. The printout isn't a bad idea.
    This is actually not just a writing principle concept but good advice for quality assurance or testing.
    I remember when we were essentially asked to do this same thing in school. Just review, identify defects, but do not fix them. It blew our minds.
    The benefits though are really cool. If you can do that, rather than editing as you go, you can then holistically look at all your concerns and issues, and find things you never would have found if you fixed immediately and individually.
    Furthermore, if you get used to reviewing your own work with an objective eye, without editing, it prepares you for critiquing other peoples work. They probably won't want you to edit their passages ;)

  2. Elaine,

    I have to go buy a ream of paper, but I am definitely going to try this method. I was re-writing within the first 10 minutes with the rationalization that "I was just adding stuff I forgot, I'm not editing". Yeah, I never thought about critiquing somebodys work but not being able to "fix" it. That would be what hell is like I think...made me giggle though and I needed that!