Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One Exercises - Ouch! My Brain Hurts!!!

So I had a really hard time with the one-liner. The reason why is silly and the solution was simple, but it definitely opened my eyes to the breadth of the project I am embarking on. Here's the thing...I have this whole story in my head, but to get from point A to point B is going to require several books; so I have accepted and embraced the fact that this is going to have to be a series. The problem I was having is I was envisioning the entire series when I was trying to develop the one-liner. My husband, insightful introvert that he is, came into my office and said, "Oooh! What's wrong?"So I explained it and he helped me to narrow down what one line describes this first book. I had to figure out how I was going to end this first book, to do it, and that may change, but here is my one-liner:

Echo has never known a mother's love or a father's for that matter; now that she has it, will it all be torn away?

Does it make you want to read it? Do you have an idea of what my story is about? You see, this is why I haven't proceeded past chapter 6 in ten years. I worry too much about whether or not people "get it". one Exercise 2 and then I need to set to writing my 2500 words for today.

Main Story Idea
Echo moves into Michael and Georgie’s home and begins to experience what it feels like to be a part of a family. However, there are many things in play that threaten to disrupt the happiness of the fledgling family.
Hook/Catalyst/Inciting Idea
The discovery that someone is trying to interfere with the adoption process and why?
Act 1 Turning Point
The guardian angel reveals her true identity to Georgie in a dream and guides her to the identity of the saboteur.
The Stakes
Whether or not Echo will get to stay with her new Mom and Dad.
Main Characters
Minor Characters
Echo Marie Smythe
Lynn (Jennifer’s Assistant)
Michael and Georgia Marie Wildeberry (This name will change.)
Natalie (Echo’s roommate at the orphanage)
Jennifer (Echo's primary therapist/caregiver)
Big Missy (Echo’s secret mentor) 

The Vehicles
Booster seat, radio, windows
Michael and Georgie’s House
Everything in it with special attn. to doors and closets and the general d├ęcor.
The Orphanage
The common areas and Echo’s Dorm/Unit
The Mall
The food court and the smells of the food court, with some attn. to the stores.

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