Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just got out of the hospital after being admitted for "diminished breath sounds" and a BP reading of 204/101. They have me on blood pressure medication now, but it has to come down slowly or it could damage my heart. Sooo...its still dangerously high but not critically. My hubby refused to bring me my laptop while I was there because he wanted me to please forgive my absence. Despite all of his attempts I still got a lot of planning done and have half a notebook full of ideas on how to enhance my characters and plot when I actually get to writing. Still on track for my goal of a complete outline in my first 30, but not sure if I will make my word count. But that's ok, I have had a lot of unforseen obstacles placed in my way...and I am still halfway to my goal :). Hope all of you are doing well.... Happy Writing!

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