Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2... Very Productive.

Oh yeah baby! 3266 words today! Granted some of them were already written, but some of the ones from yesterday were copy and paste jobs. I kind of feel like I am cheating, but I did tell everyone my first BIAM was to finish a work in progress, so it's not like I am lying or anything. Still, I feel like I need to be real honest because I know a lot of my partners on this journey are starting from scratch! Hat's off to all of you who are.

Today was very productive, but I had a LOT of distractions. But between yesterday and today I was able to draft up a new beginning that I think will be a better hook for the reader and introduces the idea of the antagonist. The funny thing is, I know its somebody at the orphanage, I just haven't chose who it's going to be yet! As I re-read what I have written, I'm thinking who the heck is trying to sabotage this poor child, and then I remember I have to answer that be any of them! I hope one will step forward and reveal themselves to me, but with that said, my craziness has sown through, so I think  I will get off this box for the day! See you all in the morning!


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