Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still no cure for the plague... or rewrites

So yesterday I printed out the first 30 pages of my novel, grabbed my kleenex, my inhaler, and my blankie and settled into make notes. So I started out well, I made notes about what needs to be added what needs to be removed, what really doesn't need to be there, and all that good stuff. Now, I am stuck because I want to go back and fix all of that stuff now...I know I can't, I know I need to keep moving forward or I am going to remain in this perpetual cycle of writing and re-writing and never really getting anywhere, at least not fast. However, I can not drag my muse out of the re-write, she seems to be stuck there and holding the rest of the story hostage until I add more detail to my first scene, change the noun to a proper get the picture right? So between feeling like a jurassic park sized piece of dung because I am still suffering from the TAG plague, I am frustrated with my muse and whoever thought it was a good idea to let the editor out of the closet yesterday...oh that would be me. I should've just stuck with the character sheets....sigh.

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